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  • October 11, 2016

BMW. is our terminal customers. We are connected by the Efficient Promotions Company in China.

Efficient Promotions is Fortune 500 Company, committed to delivering exceptional branded products that delight our clients and their audiences alike. They are served for the world Fortune 500 Company.

We had met their General Manager in HongKong Exhibition in April, 2015. And this year, we had met their sales and purchase I had contacted on Fair again. After this exhibition, they told us, they recommend our key finder to BMW, and they liked our key finder KF04A, KF03A-1. We made the quotation according to their inquiry.

That afternoon, they had the meeting with BMW and talk more about the quality, the delivery time, the price etc. After the meeting, they need more days to make the decision. In the July, they told us the order is confirmed, but it needs some days to confirm the project.

Now the project is scheduled.


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