Great Vibez Rolls Out New Wireless Doorbell WIth O...
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  • Jimmy at
  • March 15, 2017

Have You Ever Expressed Your Personality With A Doorbell?

Every doorbell has a ring to it but the new wireless plug-in doorbell from the US based tech company Great Vibez has over 50 rings to it. The product is perfectly suited for those who are tired of hearing the same doorbell ring when visitors arrive at the door and for the apartment buildings which seem to have broken doorbell issues. The vibez wireless doorbell features 5 volume levels including mute which is used whenever convenient for the user, the blue LED light will still alert lighten up when there is a guest.

The range for the doorbell is up to one thousand feet and the push button does not require drilling. Their product comes with two receivers and one push button allowing users to extend the range of the sound especially in bigger houses. The plug-in receiver gives their users the flexibility of choosing a convenient area to plug it in their homes.

The company’s youtube video contains a slideshow of some of the product pictures as an introduction. Great Vibez sells their products on the amazon marketplace and can be reached on their social media. The company continues to move forward in the growing amazon market.

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